Karolis Mieliauskas. Rider. Adventurer. Inspirational Speaker

For me tough motorcycle ride is a perfect method for active meditation. In my matter motorcycle plays as a tool to test upper limits of own performance and to explore the self by witnessing. Witnessing of internal oceans, breath, mind, feelings and whatever eyes may see. I believe horizons of consciousness are so wide that constant cognition of it is one of the most important things in life.

Mostly i travel alone and like to ride 1000 km a day on my single cylinder Yamaha. Which is a lot for a all around bike. While on a ride, i trust in self and life. This way, i remain relaxed and can keep alert for many hours in concert with seeing what’s happening around every moment.

“My left shoulder blade hurts so badly for the 5th day already that i hardly find any position on a bike, but i am about to hit another 1000km today. I am on a road for 6 days with 6000km behind me. Incredible views are all the way, i feel all the smells of Siberian taiga (and old cars :) ), fresh and hot air, i see sunrises and sunsets, i see my thoughts and this idea of pain. But it has no chances to remain and will pass…as the rest.”

– short note in the diary on a quick 11.000 km lone ride from Vilnius (Lithuania) to the sea of Japan (Vladivostok, far east Russia)

“Self confidence is not when you know everything exactly what will be IF will be”

– it was very clear thought after my crash during the blizzard on the ice of Baikal - the deepest lake in the world.

At that time i had another lone ride in some extreme winter conditions, far from the shores, with massive ice fractures full of open water in the freezing temperatures with no support and any electrically heated garments.

That’s how Liora Malts from The Brake Magazine describes me in her article:

“The truth is, Karolis is a regular guy. He is Joe the accountant from across the street”