I’m going Around The World in 40 Days

For the third year in a row and the second time in 2019, I am going back to Siberia. But instead of tackling Lake Baikal or riding to the coldest livable place on earth, my newest go is Around The World in 40 Days and cover 20.000 kilometers as part of the endeavour. For me, as a traveler and an explorer, to be preparing to tackle this is something truly incredible.

The Challenge

Around The World in 40 Days presents a huge logistic challenge as well as a mental one. I will be riding an all-new twin cylinder motorbike, the KTM 790 Adventure. The bike is brand new, and now freshly-launched motorbike in the world has never done this. I like to think that this journey will be the world’s longest test drive!

Adventure will start in Druskininkai, my hometown in Lithuania on August 17. The entire trip will take me across Russia, through the United States, into London, then back to Lithuania. Often i’ll be trying to cover 1,000 kilometers a day, but I plan to visit a number of Lithuanian communities along the way - if you’d like to meet, then send me a message!

How I'm going to do it

The first part of the route will be toughest. There will be Russian border controls as well as those Russian traffic jams you have seen on the Internet. I have ridden across Siberia before, so I know the challenges that this part of the world can throw up along the way. This should also make things a little more straightforward!

The second part of August is usually the rainy season in Siberia, and more often than not, it’s impossible to go without a day without getting soaked. That said, Siberia’s weather is often unpredictable. During the summer, it can be 40°C during the day and well into the minuses during the night. I know one explorer was travelling through Siberia during the middle of July, and ended up knee-deep in snow. I believe that tricky weather can give new experiences. Even though they are much more risky, I enjoy navigating them.

The first part of the journey is between Druskininkai and Vladivostok. From there I will fly to Los Angeles. This will be logistically difficult, because a person taking a flight is one thing. However, taking a motorbike is something else because it is considered a dangerous item that cannot be normally transported with a regular aircraft. This takes a lot of time and given I plan to cover 20.000 kilometers in 40 days, time is not much of a luxury that I have!

After leaving Los Angeles, I will ride along the legendary Route 66 to Chicago where I hope to meet some of the local Lithuanian community, which includes some locals from Druskininkai. Overall, I will pass through a number of states and finish in New York from where I will then fly to London. Given there are plenty of Lithuanians in the British capital, I hope to meet some more new people there too. This part of leaving the United States is also another challenge, because the motorcycle will have to keep up with me. After London I will ride back to Druskininkai which after everything, will be a couple of very long days.

My journey will end on September 27 in Druskininkai, so if you are in Russia, the U.S. or the United Kingdom and wish to be part of my trip Around The World in 40 Days, send me a message and let’s meet!

Meet the rider

I am Karolis Mieliauskas 36 y.o. father and for me tough motorcycle ride is a perfect method for active meditation. Motorbike plays as a tool to test upper limits of own performance and to explore the self.

I mostly travel alone and like to ride 1000km a day on my single cylinder all around motorbike.

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